Ellen & Clem JAN 2021

Ellen & Clem JAN 2021

When we picked our venue, the Aviary @ Crown, we knew that there would be a lot of work needed to make the venue work for us and feel intimate. We chose the canvas and the Styled by Varu team waved their masterful brushes of style to give us the most beautiful setting on the night. Every small detail was thought through attentively, from the layout of the room to maximise interactions with the bridal table, to the font and colour of our menus to match the booklets at the church. When we reflect back on the brief that we gave Styled by Varu in the beginning, we remember how passionate and excited the team were to deliver on our dream and that energy never waned throughout the 2-year process (due to Covid). We really appreciated the guidance from the team to help nurture our ideas (or Pinterest boards) into reality - there were so many ideas, tips and tricks from them that we would never have thought of ourselves! We were absolutely speechless at the room reveal - we just want as many other couples as possible to also have this feeling!

Our first call with the Styled by Varu team was conducted over Zoom as we were living half way around the world. Planning a wedding is hard enough as it is, but to add a 12 hour time zone difference (and a global pandemic) to the mix would put the best planners (and couples) to the test. The Styled by Varu team passed this test with First Class Honours and we feel so lucky to have had the services of the Styled by Varu team to help bring our day to life. It's not easy for most brides to trust someone else to bring their dream to life, but Lucy and the team earned our trust from day one. She was so respectful of our ideas and decisions but also knew when to take the reigns when she needed to - we really appreciated that! The team acted as our proxies on the ground and we felt like we had a whole army of people at our service - it took so much stress and pressure off of our shoulders. They were our guardian angels throughout the whole process and we honestly don't know how we could have gotten married without them! I should have gotten Lucy to walk me down the aisle - maybe then I wouldn't have been 10 minutes late!

The Flowers by Varu team are masters at turning Pinterest boards into reality. I could not believe my eyes when I walked into the reception and in front of me was the most beautiful landscape of flowers I had ever seen. The combination of the golds, yellows, pinks, greenery and white was magical. One of the most talked-about thing about our wedding was the flower cascade that flowed off our bridal table down to the floor. Some guests had to check if they were real.

I think a good sign that your flowers were on point is when most of your guests start walking home with your arrangements (aka their bon-bon gifts)! Our Instagram feed the next day was full of posts and stories of our beautiful flowers from our friends - some photos taken from their own dining tables.

Flowers - Flowers by Varu
Styling - Styled by Varu 
Venue - Crown Aviary 
Photography -  Tyming Luo Photography & Studio 477
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