Dreaming of an outdoor ceremony? Read this first!

Dreaming of a sun-drenched ceremony in stunning surrounds is the vision for many Victorian couples. And we completely agree that the combination of perfect weather with lush leafy gardens or sweeping coastal vistas can set the scene for an incredible celebration.


Let’s have some real talk now.

We are talking about Victoria, the land of completely unpredictable, changeable, four-seasons-in-one-day (LITERALLY!) weather. So, what can you do to ensure your ceremony is all styling perfection and blissed-out fun without the last-minute weather worries?

Planning Essentials

Obviously, you know it’s always a possibility, no matter what the season or time of year, that there will be inclement weather on your dream day. So, our biggest piece of advice – be a little bit realistic and a little bit flexible early on. Select a venue that has a fab indoor option for your wedding ceremony, or consider factoring a clear-span marquee or sperry tent into your budget from the very beginning. That way, you know you’ve got all bases covered and that, no matter what, your ceremony will look incredible.

Rain, wind, and blinding sunshine; these are all things that can affect your florals, your styling and your photos. So, be mindful of the position of your ceremony, and chat with your vendors about how to overcome these elements. It may be that a stunning low-to-the-ground floral arrangement will hold up best for those super windswept spots or weighted pillars instead of a high set, freestanding floral creation. The last thing anyone wants is for your groomsmen to spend the ceremony holding up an arbour in high winds (trust us, we’ve seen it happen!)

Comfort Factor

Look. We know your day is all about you. You’re the VIPs of this wedstival, after all, and your wishes and dreams are super important.

However, please consider this.

If your guests are freezing in cold winds, sweating through their Shona Joy gowns or feeling their blow-wave frizz out in the drizzling rain, no one is going to be feeling the love.

And you deserve to be feeling all the love!

There are a few things you can do that will make your guests so much more comfortable on the day and escalate the fun levels for everyone involved. A bunch of clear umbrellas, pretty paper fans, bottles of water in ice, shade from the sun and some beautiful blankets are all sweet little additions that can make a huge difference to your guest’s comfort. Perhaps hire some heaters if the temp is going to drop, or consider shifting the ceremony to a more shaded spot if the sun is on full blast for your dream day.

Trust us; you’ll enjoy yourselves far more if you know your Nana in the front row isn’t about to melt in the heat or freeze in the cold! 

Trust The Experts

There is a reason wedding planners and stylists are such creative, calm and all-around-amazing humans. It’s because they have to deal with a thousand variables for every celebration they work on and still create a dream day for every one of their unique couples. So, if an alfresco ceremony is top of your vision board, we highly recommend engaging a stylist or planner to ensure your day is low-stress and high- impact – for all the right reasons! 

Our final piece of advice? Surround yourselves with a talented team and trust their experience, creativity and wisdom. With all that done, pour yourself a congratulatory glass of champagne and get back to thinking about all the fun, darling details of your special celebration!