Stress less, smile more: our guide to wedding planning

Your day, your way

Our biggest piece of advice as you start down the wedding planning path? Remember, this is YOUR day. Your bestie may have entered their reception via hot air balloon, or your great aunt may be insistent you include every religious reading ever made, but this does not mean any of this is right for you. So before you do anything, sit down with your partner and share what the perfect wedding day looks like for each of you.

Summer garden party soiree? Ultra-chic urban cocktail situation? Wintery wed-fest complete with open fires and a moody jazz ensemble?

Hopefully, you’ll be on the same page, but if not, this is the time to prioritise what is most important. Maybe you’ll agree to go large on the catering and bevies, or perhaps stunning style is your sweet spot. Whatever direction you go in, listen to each other, create a plan, and then do your best to stay true to this when making decisions.

Tip: get your hands on a planning tool! Whether it be a simple excel spreadsheet or a physical planning guide (we love this stylish little gem by our friends at Ivory Tribe), getting your ideas organised will make the process so much smoother and lower your stress levels. 

Date decisions

Many factors may influence the date you choose, from availability of venue or vendors to the season you prefer. If your style is vibrant summer vibes or sweet spring romance, keep this vision in mind when selecting your date and venue.

A big tip from us: be flexible! Perhaps narrow down a time of year or season, then work with your venue and fave vendors to land on a date. Don’t be afraid to consider a mid-week or Sunday wedding – it can be the perfect way to open up a whole lot of options for otherwise booked-up vendors. 

Vendor vibes

We cannot say it enough – the talented team you surround yourself with can have a major impact on the vibes of your day. You want people around you who get you, who lift you up and who you know will make you feel like a million bucks on the day.

Once you’ve worked out a time of year for your sweet celebrations, get browsing, scrolling, and booking. Venues, photographers, celebrants and, of course, florists, all book out super fast (especially the good ones!). Soak up all the recs from friends who have been married, check out real weddings you love on Insta, then follow the tagged suppliers and start making contact.

But how to choose between all the wedding superstars out there? Pick those that you feel most comfortable with, that make you laugh, and that will be real with you. Trust your instincts and once you’ve made the decision, don’t second guess yourself. You’ve got this! 

Pretty pieces

Then it’s on to the truly fun stuff: your colour palette, styling selections and floral fabulousness. We’re here to help you make these sweet choices every step of the way, so don’t be afraid to reach out and let us realise your dream day vision!

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