The cost of perfection – why your wedding florals are not cheap

There’s a saying we often hear (too often, in our opinion!) that the minute you put the word wedding in front of anything, you need to add a few extra zeros to the price. Unsurprisingly, we have some THOUGHTS on this!

So, let’s be clear. It is true that weddings can cost a lot. There are so many reasons why this is the case. Still, we’re going to stick to our lane and attempt to enlighten you as to where those precious dollars are going when you order your wedding florals and why they are a solid investment in a day you’ll remember, reflect on, and smile about for a loooong time to come.

What you see on the day – a delightful dream of artfully arranged blooms in the exact hues that elevate and enhance your stunning style – is the result of a long process.

From a practical perspective, there are the hours on the day to load up, travel, construct your fab florals, deliver bouquets and buttonholes, move arrangements between the ceremony and reception, troubleshoot as required and finally, pack down, clean up and dispose of everything. Often, this day starts first thing in the morning and finishes early the following morning

But that doesn’t even consider the hours in the lead-up to the wedding: sourcing the exact blooms your impeccably imagined vision requires, visiting the flower markets at 4am to ensure we get only the most perfect, pristine florals, then cutting them back, removing extra foliage and laying those sweet stems safely in our refrigerators until it’s time to craft your beautiful bouquet and epic arrangements. We won’t even go into the admin required to run our own business because, well...we are creatives and tackling admin requires at least one glass of bubbles and a long nap!

But in our minds, the most important thing you are investing in when you
engage us is our creativity, artistic skills and experience built over many
years, on hundreds of weddings in different venues, where every single couple deserves their own exceptional experience.

When we create your mood board and craft your arrangements, it’s not only the
hours it takes to put it together you are paying for. It’s our in-depth understanding of colour balancing, layering texture, and working with negative space. Our knowledge of what is currently working in terms of trends and styles, and our inherent understanding of what will take your venue from beautiful to breathtaking, elevate your look from glam to goddess, and make your memories aesthetically incredible.

So basically, if you want your florals to look amazing and picture perfect –
don’t expect them also to be economical!

If you want to invest in breathtaking beauty, stunning style and a talented team that will make sure you have a fantastic time along the way – chat with us. We’d love to meet you.

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